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Why Work with a Professional Resume Writer and Career Branding Service?

The job marketplace is chaos.

It’s not just tough for you to find a good job. It’s hard for recruiters to find you in the sea of candidates. People can submit a resume with the click of a button, so they take a shotgun approach and apply everywhere. For each available position, there can be hundreds of applicants. A professional resume writer service dramatically increases your odds of success.


The Bright Career Branding Process Includes:

  • Designing and building a resume that is multi-layered and tech friendly.

  • Creating cover letters that incorporate best practices and industry standards along with modern career marketing.

  • Getting past the Applicant Tracking System (ATS = the secret guard at the gate).

  • Crafting a LinkedIn profile that is easy to find and compelling to read.

  • Leveraging your network to gain access to the hidden the job market.

  • Nailing your message so you shine during interviews.

  • Incorporating video into your submission package to stay current with today’s hiring trends.

  • Tailoring your job applications for maximum compatibility with your potential employer

How We Will Work Together

Rebecca McCarthy

Hi, I’m Rebecca McCarthy, Founder of Bright Career Branding.
Working with a career branding strategist is different from engaging a typical professional resume writer service. Here’s what you need to know about the process of working with me and the commitments I make to you.

  • First, I’ll take you through an initial consultation to explore your current resume and goals. I’ll walk you through the anatomy of a well-built resume, providing insight. This exploratory session is provided at no charge to determine if we’re a good fit to work together.
  • Once you select a service package, you’ll fill out a very brief questionnaire to prepare for onboarding. Then, we’ll have our career branding and discovery session via phone or online meeting to capture your story so I can develop your brand foundation, followed by your resume, LinkedIn profile, video resume, cover letters, and other career documents.
  • We’ll collaborate from start to finish on your career branding. You’ll understand what will be done (and why) step-by-step throughout the process. I’ll be available via email or phone for any questions you may have.
  • I work directly with every client. Your resume and LinkedIn profile writing are never farmed out to someone else. You are paying for decades of expertise and my personal attention. I work directly with every client so you benefit from decades of expertise and my personal attention.
  • My process is risk-free. We collaborate closely and I offer unlimited revisions within 30 days of when I submit the original career documents for your approval. We both win when this gets done right!

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