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Resume & LinkedIn Profile Writing for Rising Business Professionals

You have the passion and drive to achieve your career goals. Now it’s time to find an organization that’s thrilled about the value you bring to the table. We provide resume development, LinkedIn profile writing, and career branding solutions to help you make that connection. Let’s start opening doors…

Remove the Obstacles

to Career Success

  • Stop being underemployed or passed over for advancement.

  • Bounce back stronger than ever after a layoff.

  • Sidestep disadvantages and discrimination.

  • Land a dream job instead of just a paycheck.

A Professional Resume Is Only the Start

Bright Career Branding supports you in all these practical ways:

  • Aligning your future career trajectory with the life you want to live

  • Helping you create a professional development plan to get there

  • Introducing you to best practices that give you an edge in the job market

  • Improving your chances of success with virtual interview coaching


Accelerate Your Career Success

“All I can say is THANK HEAVEN for Rebecca McCarthy. As my go-to LinkedIn expert and career coach, Rebecca helped me transform my LinkedIn profile and use it to achieve my professional goals. I’m now making more money, working fewer hours, and doing what I love.”

— Chava S., Director

“I would highly advise people seeking new employment opportunities to hire Rebecca. She takes you step-by-step through a process that puts your best foot forward during your job search. She does a lot more than re-write your resume and LinkedIn account. She blends her business acumen with warmth, compassion, and constructive advice. She takes the time to understand your unique strengths and to identify opportunities for growth.”

— Wendy L., Research Center Coordinator

Recruiters First “Meet” You on Paper.

Does Your Professional Resume Do You Justice?

Your career documents are just a few pages—but they determine the next chapter of your life. If a potential employer reads your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, do they really get a sense of who you are as a person? What motivates and inspires you? What makes you a great fit for their company culture?
Anyone can compile a list of accomplishments and skills. It takes a gifted communicator to help convey your voice in these critical documents. Walking the fine line between personality and professionalism isn’t easy. But when it’s done right, you shine!

Don’t waste the chance to make your first impression count.

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